X2210 and X2212 NVRAM replacement

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I am facing, even with NOS parts, a general failure of Xircor non volatile ram  memories X2210 and X2212. I have not space enough to put Dallas battery backed RAM. Could anybody propose a substitute ? Thank you

Re: X2210 and X2212 NVRAM replacement
On 01/09/2016 3:00 AM, snipped-for-privacy@wanadoo.fr wrote:
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Are you having unstable voltages? Those devices should be quite  
reliable. Unless you are getting them from second sources in which case  
they could be Chinese (or other) counterfeit or relabelled parts...

We are looking into a replacement for these devices (X22xx) that might  
not be too much physically larger...

Stay tuned!

John :-#)#
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