SRAM woes

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Hi All.

At 5V a micro system using a wide volt tolerance SRAM works ok

When the voltage is brought down to 3V and using 5-3 V level converter the
SRAM does not work.
data output is just a glitch pulse.

The SRAM is voltage spec'ed  2.4 ~5.5V  and a 55nS part

The micro instruction cycle is 25MHz / 4

Any pointer were to start to debug would be appreciated.


Re: SRAM woes
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At wich voltage is the 55nS spec'ed? Usually this is at 5V and the part
is much slower at 3V, check datasheet for 3V speed.

Your instruction cycle is 160ns, OK. But how fast must the RAM be?
Check the processor datasheets. If you can't find it, please post the
processor type you are using. Someone may be able to help.

You say you bring down voltages by using a level converter. But are you
also converting the returned signals back up to 5V again? Another factor
may be the propagation time of the converter.


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