Micro with USB 2.0 HI-SPEED

I'm looking for a microcontroller with a slave USB interface. There are lots available in the flavors I like. However, on closer inspection, they all support only USB1.1 speeds (12Mbs). There are plenty of interface chips for hi-speed slaves, though.

Q1: Does anyone know of a 32 bit micro (ARM, PPC or similar) with built-in HI-SPEED USB 2.0 capability? Q2: If the answer to Q1 is no (which it seems to be), why is that? Is it too hard to integrate the hi speed onto the chip or is it lack of demand?

Thanks, Andrew Queisser

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Cypress do High Speed + uC devices, in their FX2 family. These use an 8 bit core, and have FIFO modes for interface to other controllers.

Try google ? high Speed USB 480Mbps ARM microcontroller

Look at Oxford semi, they mention highspeed with ARM, OKI show some ARM9 devices, with high speed USB...


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it too

Cypress FX2 is a good one for HS USB 2.0 Devices which contain peripherials like uarts, i2c, and ram. its uses a 8 bit 8051 uc. If u ar a new you can start from this. using the FIFO a max speed can be achived

the devlopment tools also quit good. u can use keil-c. for more info loo into cypress website.


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