%V LCD connected to 3V Micro

Hi all

How do I connect a 3v micro to drive a 5v character LCD.

Your suggestions woule be appreciated.

REgards Jospeph

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Buffer with 74LCX series. They dont mind 5V on the inputs. 245 for your data, use RD/WR to control the direction. Other lines can be a 244 or another 245 with fixed direction.

Paul Burke

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Paul Burke

The Powertip PC1602-F LCDs I've got will operate from 2.7V to 5V.


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Depends on some issues:

1- What are the logic level of LCD inputs? If they are TTL compatible, you may directly drive it's inputs with micro's outputs, assuming they comply with TTL levels. 2- Is the micro's inputs 5V tolerant? If so, you may connect LCD's outputs directly.

Otherwise you must use level shifters. Take a look at TI site.




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Elder Costa

Hi Found this method

a. Check that the LCD controller will operate at 3V by looking at the data sheet of the LCD controller

b. Power the 3v micro and the LCD at 3V can connect micro i/o directly to the LCD data and control signals

c. Drive the Vlcd at -2v using an inverter.

In this way there is 3v - (-2V) = 5V across the :LCD glass.

See Web site

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