help me to learn embedded system

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Hi expert,

Embedded system is newbie to me. I'd like to learn it with my spare
time. But I don't know what to start with. It would be fun to do some
hands-on work too. So I set a goal to make an experimental phone
answering machine. Could you expert recommend some books and devices I
should begin with.

Thanks very much,


Re: help me to learn embedded system
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Hi Charlie,
There are many 'link collections' dedicated to embedded systems. We have
gathered a few relevant links at our web site: look under 'Knowledge' and then 'Embedded
Systems in general'.
Our real-time operating system reference document will give you an
introduction to what real-time systems are and what an RTOS is (this
document can also be downloded from our web site).
If you are looking for simple and non-expensive projects, I would suggest They have many excellent educational products.
I would also suggest that you search for the words: PIC, AVR, stamp.

I have no direct links for phone answering machines, but someone else will
hopefully give you some valuable links. I wouldn't be surpriced if someone
have built such a system with a PIC processor.

Good luck learning about embedded systems - it is truly a wonderful and fun
world :-)

//Anders Rosvall

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