please suggest a good book for PCB Design

Hi Could you please suggest a good book for PCB design that i could use to start making prototypes thanks for your time

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Don't have an answer, but you might want to ask in sci.electronics.* (probably the design subgroup).

Kenneth Porter
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Kenneth Porter


could have a look at Jan Axelson's book=20 Making Printed Circuit Boards

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For a higher level book look at High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic by Howard Johnson

another book that you may find helpful is The Art of Electronics=20

Alex Gibson

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Alex Gibson

IMHO it depends on what you mean with "PCB design". If you are more after the design aspects (engineering / layout / routing) then the otherwise already mentioned book "high speed digital design" is a very good recomendation.

If you are more after the fabrication aspects of this topic (i.e. you intend to expose etch and drill your own boards) I don't think that it's really worth to buy a book. Instead I recomend you to join the Homebrew e-mail list (simply send an empty e-mail to above address with the subject "subscribe").

There this topic is discussed in extremis with all kind of view angles. The archives are also full of advice from basic level up to fairly professional.



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Markus Zingg

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