PSI drivers for Infineon C16x

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Hi, I'm new in the world of the Infineon processors and in writing drivers
for it.
I have to connect a digital sensor to the C161CS processor via SPI. and I'm
looking for
information about how to design the drivers.
I've browsed the internet for hours but nothing usefull came up.
Where can I find information meant for the software engineer.
i.e. how to construct the drivers. What ISRs must be written
and what must they do. A basic desciption or an example would help me.

Kind regards,

Re: PSI drivers for Infineon C16x
if you are absolutely new to the Infineon C16x family I strongly recommend
to get the DAvE CD.
It is a graphical setup tool that allows to configure the peripherals and
generate C source code.

It also allows to view the huge User Manual of the chip in context.

Before you attempt anything like interrupts and such you will have to
familiarize the the complexity of this chip.

You can get the DAvE CD at:

I strongly recommend to get an Infineon starter kit for the derivative you
want to use.
Phytec also provides starter kits (Phytec KitCon) accompanied by excellent

What kind of digital sensor are you referring to ?


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Re: PSI drivers for Infineon C16x
S.L said for all posterity...

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Have you ever written embedded code before now?  I'm wondering if a
more basic foundation would be a better start.  The type of driver
will depend on whether you have an OS or not, the structure of the
rest of your code, the type of "digital sensor", and somewhat on
the specific compiler you're using.  

The other poster's suggestion about getting an Infineon starter kit
is a good one.


Re: PSI drivers for Infineon C16x
Thanks for youre replies.
The sensor I'm talking about is the  Melexis MLX90601.
We use the KEIL development tooling and we don't use and operating system
on our target platform just a very basic round robin scheduler.

I'm not new to the embedded world. I've been an embedded software engineer
for 6 year now but
I've never been SO low onto the hardware before.  I've got myself a new

What I really need to get started quickly is some example code or
a high level description about how the ISRs get their work done.

Kind regards,

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Re: PSI drivers for Infineon C16x
S.L said for all posterity...
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You might take a look at:

There's sample code there including:

 Example of master, rx and tx using C167 synchronous port (SSC).
 Example of SPI on the SSC (From Siemens USA)"

I found this in about two minutes.  Google is your friend.


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