PCB design utility?

Hi all,

I need a real simple PCB design utility, just to some some layout and print it. I'm making a single sided PCB.

I was going to print it out via laser on a transparency, then use photo resist and make my own prototype PCB (used to do actual negatives in high school, laser printers weren't around back then!).

I guess I could use MS Paint (bleah), I have some layouts for it, but, sizing would be an issue. Any suggestions? FREE is good too eh! I don't think I want to spend $100 on software I'll use twice. ;)

Thanks in Advance.

Myron Samila
Toronto, ON Canada
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Myron Samila
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Download Protel for free from their site, they give away an evaluation copy that works for 30 days or so. There's also other design software that can be obtained for free on a limited base. Don't expect immediate results - such programs take some time to get acquainted with.

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