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    Hello everyone

    We are working on a product that MUST be connected to personal computers
using a PCI slot.
    My custom logic has a generic low speedy bus that talks to the PCI bus
through a PLX9052 PCI bridge.
    The main problem we have is that this single PLX chip costs as much as
$14-18, about 50% of all component costs.
    Our first idea was to use a non-generic PCI chip, like realtek“s
PCI/ethernet adaptor to construct the local bus but it would get cumbersome.
    My question is, does anybody know or have any sugestions about any cheap
IC that is used as PCI to some local bus? Or even better, a PCI bridge IC
really chip?

    Thank you very much,
    Roberto Gallo.

Re: PCI bridge/target

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On a related not, what would be the minimal logic needed to connect a
simple PCI device to a PC-104+ connector, acting as a system master? I
think I just need an arbiter. Is such a critter available as an open IP for
FPGA implementation?

Kenneth Porter
http://www.sewingwitch.com/ken /

Re: PCI bridge/target

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I'm surprised they are charging so much, IIRC my last buy was a bit
under £10, and the usual electronics exchange rate is £1=$1. Also, if
you are designing new, look at the 9030 rather than the 9052.

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I haven't come across any others that work. Several FPGA or CPLD
manufacturers have reference designs for PCI bridges, and there's one at


But I suspect the programmable device that will fit this will cost as
much as the PLX chip, and you won't get the backup when things go wrong.

Paul Burke

Re: PCI bridge/target
snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com says...
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$15 is cheap.  The PLX PCI9030 is a great chip and it may be a bit
cheaper than $15.  I've used the PCI9030 and its the best target chip
out there hands down.  The PLX SDK for its PCI chips is very cheap
for what you get also.

Don't work for PLX, just a happy customer...

Greg Deuerling
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
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