PCIe to PCI bridge

Hi group

I'm looking into an upgrading project for an existing PCI-card. The basic idea is to add a bridge chip to he design, with as little effort as possible.

The PCI-controller used so far is PLX PCI9030. Can anybody suggest a bridge chip?


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DEC used to have a good series quite a while back which we used in a similar set-up at my former company. As far as I remember, they were taken over by Intel. From a quick perusal of the web-site it looks as if the 21152

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) is the successor to the one I am thinking about.

I'm sure there are others of course. I'd try Texas or Samsung for a start.

Regards, Charles

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Charles Gardiner


I can see now that I didn't expres myself clearly - what I'm looking for is a bridge to PCI Express (PCIe).

Sorry Kresten

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Kresten Nørgaard

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