Not able to boot from NAND

We are not able to boot from NAND flash on our custom board with the following hardware.

AT91SAM9263 64 MB NAND flash (Page size: 512 byte + 16 byte). (Company: ST/numynox)

64 MB SDRAM 2. The Bootstrap and U-Boot is located in the NAND flash at the offsets 0x0 and 0x4000 respectively.

  1. However, if the Bootstrap is loaded/placed/burnt in SRAM (at

0x00300000) and U-Boot is placed in the NAND flash at the same offset as above (0x4000), using

SAM-ICE and go command is executed "go 0x00300000" in TCL shell. The Bootstrap boot and loads U-Boot to SDRAM and U-Boot also boots by giving its prompt.

With this we are suspecting rom boot code, which is inside CPU(problem is rom boot code not able to sense 64 MB NAND Flash at all).

We are expecting help to resolve this problem at the earliest.

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If you are "expecting" help then ask Atmel support.

You need to scope out what the CPU is doing. On-chip NAND controllers are fraught with incompatibilities and weirdnesses and it is not at all unusual to find that specific vendors' parts will not play nicely.

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Give me $700 bln.


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Vladimir Vassilevsky

It appears that you have given yourself a problem that you are not capable of solving.

A better understanding of embedded systems, the boot process, and the difference between NOR and NAND flash would be good knowledge to have in order to solve this problem.

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