cheapest board able to run linux


I'm looking for a cheap sbc available in quantity for an embedded project. I'm looking for something able to run at least uclinux or ecos. I had a look but i did not find anything far from $99. I'dlike something around 20 max 30$, around 100$ I already have boards able to run an embedded bsd system, but it is too expensive for the current project.

Any idea?

Thx in advance. Damiano

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Most such requests would include a description of I/O, storage (flash?), memory needs.


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Check out Logic PD

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There boards have Linux and Win CE BSP's available.


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Most processors that can run an operating system like uclinix (with a MMU or Virtual MU) cost around $10, so finding a board for $20 would be a dream come true.

Flash and RAM needed would be $5 cost on their own.

I'm not sure of your volume, but $20 is "low balling it"


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You don't need an MMU or VMU to run uclinux.

You can run uclinux on a $3 H8/300. The $3 only includes 128KB of flash and 32KB of RAM, so you'll probably have to add some external memory.

With a $3 CPU and $10 of memory, you could almost do a board for $20 that would run Linux with a couple serial ports and some port pints for I/O.

Of course if you want Ethernet or a video controller or PCI bus or IDE controller or stuff like that, the price starts to go up...

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uClinux - Samsung S3C4510B (EPSD or SNDS100 build)

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Many more, Im sure.

Some you just load up a new image and other you need to double the flash on to make more useful. Some require a RS232 level shifter too.


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