Freescale 9S12X:I'm not able to route interrupt to XGATE

Hi,from Milan,Italy

I want to use the XGATE coprocessor in a 9S12X Freescale uC I followed indications in AN3144 but i cant reach the interrupt routine for XGATE in case oft PeriodicInterrupTimer0 interrupt,so i ask your help:

The interrupt is correctly managed if routed to the main CPU

If i try to route it to the XGATE i finish in :

ISR(Cpu_Interrupt) { asm(BGND); } without passing through the default interrupt handler,


I tried to resume the code. From main i call SetupXGate()

static void SetupXGATE(void) { XGVBR= (unsigned int)(void*__far)(XGATE_MyVectorTable - XGATE_VECTOR_OFFSET); ROUTE_INTERRUPT(PIT_VEC, 0x81); /* RQST=1 and PRIO=1 */ XGMCTL= 0xFBC1; /* XGE | XGFRZ | XGIE */ }

i supposed PIT_VEC=0x7A:in AN3144 is used SCI0_VEC=0xD6;If this is from the main CPU vectors table- > PIT_VEC=0x7A,right?

I put in the .cxgate file the XGATE vector table and the interrupts handlers :

#include #include "xgate.h" #include "intrinsics_xgate.h"

//the following 3 rows are form Simple example #pragma push #pragma DATA_SEG XGATE_DATA #pragma pop //***************************default handler**************************** interrupt void ErrorHandler(int dataptr) { int chanNum= dataptr; asm BRK; } //***************************mio handler**************************** interrupt void PIT_Thread(int myint) { //toggle a pin ,check on oscilloscope if(PORTB & 0x1)PORTB &=~0x1; else PORTB |= 0x1; } //******* XGATE vector table***************** /* assign the vector table in separate segment for dedicated placement in linker parameter file */ #pragma CONST_SEG XGATE_VECTORS

const XGATE_TableEntry XGATE_MyVectorTable[] = { // Channel # = Vector address / 2 /* channel 0..8 are not used, first used must match macro XGATE_VECTOR_OFFSET in xgate.h */ {ErrorHandler, 0x09}, // Channel 09 - Reserved {ErrorHandler, 0x0A}, // Channel 0A - Reserved ..... ..... {ErrorHandler, 0x39}, // Channel 39 - XGATE Software Trigger 0 {ErrorHandler, 0x3A}, // Channel 3A - Periodic Interrupt Timer {ErrorHandler, 0x3B}, // Channel 3B - Periodic Interrupt Timer {ErrorHandler, 0x3C}, // Channel 3C - Periodic Interrupt Timer {PIT_Thread, 0x3D}, // Channel 3D - Periodic Interrupt Timer //*** {ErrorHandler, 0x3E}, // Channel 3E - Reserved {ErrorHandler, 0x3F}, // Channel 3F - Autonomous Periodical interrupt API ..... ..... };

Thank you for your attention and any hint


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