custom VID/PID help

can anybody help me...?

I hv 1 FT232BM chip and EEprom 93lc46. I am configuring my EEPROM using Eprog 3.0 software.

In that I do change with my own VID and PID both and downloading it to EEPROM. and change the FTdibus.inf / Ftdiport.inf file with both VID and PID.

but the problem is everytime my PC detect the same comport COM6 at all my

4 USB ports.

but when I erase and set the default vid pid then and then only PC detects the all 4 deferent PORTs.COM6/7/8/9.

I have not selected the fix serial number though it is heppend..

so please can anybody give me the solution for that.

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That is exactly what is supposed to happen.

Correct. If you erase the EEPROM, there is no unique serial number in de device, therefore windows assigns a COM port number according to the used USB port.

Using a serial number makes windows use the same COM port number regardless of the USB port you have used.


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