New google group for OKI ARM mcus

In order to promote the exchange of information on the OKI ARM mcus, I have created a google group for these chips. I don't think there are a lot of people using them just yet as they are fairly new. But I find them to be very full featured and they fill a niche that no other device does.

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Rick "rickman" Collins
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Any useful information - please put it up on the Wiki I'm making for ARM mcus, of course - I'm an LPC2xxx guy myself, for my current project pipeline at least, but I made the Wiki for all to share since I reckon a lot of stuff will be useful to all.

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needs some serious expanding - I'm hoping to make the chip family pages on the Wiki all be as good as the LPC21xx one I've set up; so people can browse around them to quickly see what device has what!


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Alaric B Snell

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