Downloading to atmel BV1614 Flash on AT91EB40a board

Hi I am using HiTop flash downloading software from The problem is that at first i was able to download an image of redboot and then overwrote it with an image of my application. After that I am not being able to download anything. the tool aborts and says 2 things may be wrong 1) JTAG connections are loose: Which i have confirmed are fine

2) The target RAM location where it downloads the flash programming algorithm is inaccessible: this seems to be more probable. but whats confusing me is that I was able to program the Flash twice before(mentioned above.Pls advise. The board is the Atmel AT91EB40a with the Bv1614 external flash and the At91R40008 micrcontroller. Does any one have a suggestion for a **good** and robust flash downloader. weve tried mcraigor too , but that doesnt do too well too. thanks
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