Can't get HC12 EVB and metrowerks to program Flash on target board via BDM

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When I connect a target board to an HC12 EVB and use Metrowerks v2.0
freeware IDE, I can assemble, link, go to the debugger and download
into RAM. When I set my default.prm file for the linker to point to
flash, the download fails with the message:

Error while writing to 8000..80B4

Looking at the communications between the debugger and the EVB board,
I see that when I load RAM successfully, the debugger issues the LOAD
0800 command (ram is at 800). When I try to write to flash memory, the
debugger issues the LOAD 08000 command which of course will not work
(need to send FBULK followed by FLOAD commands according the EVB
Debug-12 command manual) which is why I get the error.

Looking at the memory configuration menu, the Flash memory area was
set to RAM and in the comment field was FLASH. Rather strange, so I
set the type to FLASH (from RAM), but it didn't help.

Also I programmed flash directly using Hyperterminal and manually
entering the commands and S records and it worked fine. Confirmed it
with a memory display (MD) debug-12 command.

Anyone know if programming flash is supported with freeware Metrowerks
Anyone know how to set up to project/stationary/hiwave to get this to

Re: Can't get HC12 EVB and metrowerks to program Flash on target board via BDM

You shouldn't have a problem....
The free version (I suppose that you mean the "Special edition" will
allow you to program flash !

New project-> New project wizard -> select your processor-> .... ->
Motorola serial Monitro Hardware debugging

IF you ahve this problem of download, make sure that the PRM file that you
are using is the one adapted for your board !!


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