Dirt cheap 8051 camera

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Slashdot had an article on a hackable $10 "disposable" digital camera.
The actual technical story that they link to seems to be still
slashdotted, but from various comments, this sounds like a nice little
unit for anyone that wants a cheap 8051 platform to play with.  (And it
takes pictures.)  Can't go too wrong for $10.  Batteries might be
included.  Grab some before the stores yank them.  (They make money on the
"processing" and recycle the cameras.)  It might make a simple USB


Posted by CmdrTaco on 09:57 AM December 14th, 2003
from the photos-on-the-cheap dept.
Powercntrl writes "While the Ritz version of the PureDigital single-use
camera was recently hacked, the Walgreens version wasn't - until now.
Codeman, the same guy who brought us the I-Opener hack, found a way to add
a standard Smartmedia interface to the Walgreens camera and extract images
with a standard Smartmedia reader. Links to sample images showing the
camera's quality are included."

http://www.linux-hacker.net/cgi-bin/UltraBoard/UltraBoard.pl?Action=ShowPost&Board=cameras&Post=2&Idle=0&Sort=0&Order=Descend&Page=0&Session =

Slow as hell, but it's going further than before... Still slow... *sigh*
I'll try tonight.

Ron Sharp.

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