Differential clock driver with selectable divider

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Does anybody know a simple way to get the following clock signals.
Ideally it would be a single device as below:

Input1: F Mhz differential, can be LVDS/ LVPECL. F ~ 300-350 Mhz.
Output1: F Mhz LVDS fixed
Output2: F Mhz OR F/2 Mhz LVPECL, selectable by pin setting.

Desirable: 2:1 input mux also available with the device

The closest I have got is to use Onsemi LVEL37 to do fixed divide by 1
and divide by 2 at LVPECL levels, and then generate Output1 with an
LVDS translator and Output2 thru a 2:1 PECL mux (EL57).

The LVEL37 does also provide the 2:1 input mux.

The Maxim MAX9377/9378 devices would really have fitted if they were
pin-selectable divide  by two instead of divide by four.

Thanks for any tips,
Jai Warrier
ADS Networks

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