Development in Motorola Processor

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Hi All,
My new development is based on Motorola HC08 based processors. I am
moving from Hitachi processors to Motorola. I am facing very
difficulty in understanding development in Motorola when compared to
Hitachi processors. So
1) Is there any white paper or guidelines available for HC08
2) From where I can download the app notes for HC08

Please help me onů Give me a starting pointů
Thanks in advance

Re: Development in Motorola Processor
Here is the MOTOROLA web site for HC08 family : , then "products", then "microcontrollers", then
"8 bits MC68HC08 family".

If you need other informations on this family, contact me, I've used several
different of them.


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Re: Development in Motorola Processor
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click any type for application notes and other documents

Motorola recently announced the HCS08. (see "Featured Products" on the
forementioned URI, also .)
Currently 2 types available (GB, GT) with 3 more planned for release in 2003
(RC, RD, RE).
The brochure
speaks of 37 derivatives, but that's marketing talk; basically it looks like
it's the 5 types I mentioned with different Flash sizes and packages. Not
sure; datasheets for these types are hard to get.

I only wished (and asked them!) they would use a 7x7mm package for the QFP44
(pitch 0.5mm) instead of the 10x10mm (pitch 0.8mm). Now the QFP44 is as big
as the QFP64.
Can't imagine you can't fit a CPU and 60K of Flash in a smaller package if
you use a 0.25u technology.


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Re: Development in Motorola Processor

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Salut Steve*,
the URI may be different, but the page is the one I pointed at. You'll find
the GB and GT types alright, but I see no trace of the RC, RD or RE. Or did
I miss anything?
Thanx for the replay anyway.


*) Sorry, couldn't resist. I am Steven, that's with an N in the end
goddammit! :-)

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