eabi initialization for powerpc embedded application

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I'm cross compiling an embedded image to run on
the IBM 4xx processors using the gnu toolchain.

Linker options are as follows:
 make -f my_makefile CODE=0x007e0000 IMG_END=0x007fffff \
                DATA=0x007f8000 IMAGE=images/my_image

My startup code sets r1 to 0x40000 (stack pointer)
and loads the address of main() into the link register and does a blr.

The problem while looping in ram.

If I call a function to read characters(when available)
from the uart and write them back out the code crashes
because the stack gets out of whack. (This code is working
fine on other platforms so I'm sure there isn't a bug in it)

When I take the _exact_ code out of the function and put
it inline and constantly loop it work fine. Essentially
removing the pushing/popping of variables to/from the stack.

I know there is something I'm missing about relocating
the code from rom to ram but after researching I'm still

The code lives at 0xff800000 in rom and is relocated to
0x7e0000 after initializing the sdram.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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