Asking for a good Solution for the Linux TV Box

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Currently, I am doing project on the embedded Linux with a PC board with a
network boot. And I would be able to do some interaction to a TV Tuner Card
thru the PCI bus with some API developed in the embedded Linux.

Later, I would port the solution to a PowerPC board. However, the board have
no PCI slot or even the PCI controller.  I want to make the porting
procedure as simple as possible. Any suggestion?

I dont know the architectures of the TV Tuner Card at all but should there
were usually have an I2C bus that can do all control function that can be
performed by the PCI Bus? As my PowerPC board would have a I2C interface,
Can I just skip the PCI Bus and direct drive the TV Tuner card with the I2C
interface??Or some other solution?

Would it be a good approach to write a driver to drive the I2C interface and
interact with the embedded Linux that developed before?

Any comments were welcome

Thanks and Regards,

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