Linux on Viretex-II pro

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I just got a board with a Viretex-II pro FPGA. I'm a newbie and have
several questions that would like to get some answers or suggestions.

We were planning on porting linux to the FPGA. What are the advantages
and disadvantages of porting linux to PPC and Microblaze? I have seen
works done on porting uClinux to Microblaze, is that better than
porting to PPC? Is it a good idea to port full linux instead of
embedded linux to the FPGA? I'm a starter and looking for some
directions. If anyone could give me suggestions or good references
other than the ones on Xilinx and uClinx port to Microblaze websites,
I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.


Re: Linux on Viretex-II pro
Follow XAPP765 ( ) to
get started with Linux on Virtex-II Pro.

Another source for information are the ML310 web pages
( ).

- Peter

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