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hi i am strating project on dsp application trough arm7 .please suggest devlopement kit for this application. application such as voice processing. PLEASE SEND ONLY TECHNICALE INFORMATION .

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Have a look to the GNU Compiler Suite. A few years ago it tooks very little effort to me, to get the ARM cross compiler running. Assembler programming (for your voice processing) is straight forward.

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Bodo Rzany

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Works well for me. Check these chaps out for a compiler to go with it:

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Tom Lucas

Have a look at

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You will find what you need to build your own Open Source GNU Tool Suite including:

- setup

- documentation

- how-to-config

- how-to-use

- JTAG Emulator...

Your free ARM Design Flow will be:


ECLIPSE IDE ( your main IDE ) GNUARM ( GCC = compiler ) GNUARM ( GDB = debugger ) OpenOCD ( JTAG server ) JTAGkey ( USB-JTAG tool ) YOUR TARGET BOARD ( your ARM7 ARM9 board )

This ARM Design Flow can be up on Windows ( using cygwin ) or on Linux

Using OpenOCD, you have possibilities to upload your flash (on-chip or not) via JTAG interface and from scripts. Both popular Philips LPC2xxx series and Atmel Sam7 series are supported and fully documented. External Intel CFI Flash is supported too.

Regards, Laurent

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