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hi everyone

I am doing a fpga based project for my engineering course completion. camera will be connected to the kit. the kit have to process the image caught and displaythe color in the led.

The project is to process an image caught by a digital camera(. I have to store the image caught by the camera in fpga memory as a bit map image and will find the average color of the image and to display it in

the led of fpga. I am using verilog hdl . this is the camera that i will use.

formatting link
( i have only pdf so kindly use this link for all details) * Image sensor resolution , interface can be seen in the above link.interface is surely not USB..I am a software student and new to this .please suggest me the *interface and *frame rate by seeing the camera.

*speed is not a issue in my project.

image processing algorithms are to be developed yet for this project. finding the average color of an image is the process..i dont think it will be a big process.

*LED is enough No software constraints like linux. BGA required

now please guide me with the right fpga that i can go for. I hope one million gates are well enough for this project. But I am not sure with the amount of RAM that is needed. Is spartan 3 XCS 1000 of xilinx ok. I am not sure. Please suggest me with right fpga and amount of memory needed for this project

and everything that i have to check before buying

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project help
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Peter Alfke

I am afraid you will not know the size of the FPGA you need until later on the development cycle. First you should study your camera, and the way you are going to interface it. Then you should study the algorithms you are going to use, and find the simpler one that will get your job done. Then you can implement it all and simulate your design using the Webpack software.

And you are done !!!

You know for sure what FPGA fits your design, so now you can buy one of the kits available to implement your design, just order the board, and after a bit of soldering it should all work.

Don't expect this to be fast nor simple as it is your first time, there are many tools you have to learn how to use.

Best regards

Josep Duran

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Josep Duran

So you cannot even be bothered with reading the document and determining the resolution and interface on your own? We have to waste our time looking for something you should be able to tell us? Help from the participants in this community comes to those who put forth some effort and ask for help on that basis. You get out of coursework what you put into it, in your case 0.


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