ARM std dev. toolkit v.2.51 with wiggler?


The manual of arm SDT 2.51 mentions their multiICE only, but no wiggler. Anyone knows if I can use wiggler with ARM std dev. toolkit v.2.51 ?

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SDT 2.5.1 only includes RDI debuggers, ADW and armsd. I don't know of a converter which will allow you to talk to a wiggler via RDI.

Your best bet is to use the free tools downloadable from

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Which are based on the GNU toolchain.

There are some ICEs with RDI drivers available on the market from companies such as EPI which you could investigate.


Paul Gotch
CoreSight Tools
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Hi Jack,

If you are searching a low cost debug solution, use GNU GCC and GDB tools, and use Chameleon POD at

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The Chameleon POD can operates as a Wiggler and as a true Raven (8MHz).


Jack wrote:

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Amontec Team, Laurent Gauch


I'm trying to use your wiggler with an Atmel AT91RM9200 device (a 920T device) on a cogent CSB337 board - but cannot get breakpoints to work correctly.

Once the first breakpoint is hit I cannot seem to remove it. I've used several releases of gdb on various machines with the same result

- does a "real" Raven behave like this?

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