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I am looking for low-cost arm7 jtag debug tool and the software.  CAn
anyone recommend me? cost is very important.


Re: ARM JTAG debug tool
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I while ago there was a chap on this newsgroup promoting his product -
called a "Chameleon Pod" if I remeber correctly. Having a look at the
website at the time I was impressed, and I don't think it was too

I have never actually used one, so I can't vouch for it ... I use the Raven
from Macraigor... stay away from them.


Re: ARM JTAG debug tool


 ... I use the Raven
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Simon can you expand on this?  I usually hear fairly good stuff about the

I use the Armulator from Arm and it seems to work well.  Seem to remember it
being US$3 - 4K.

ExoTech R&D, Inc.

Re: ARM JTAG debug tool
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The Raven as a device is great - it works well (although just last month one
of our Ravens died )

My problem is with the company who makes them - Macraigor. Their support /
response has been poor (to be kind to them).

I quote Arie de Muynck from an post earlier on in the year about Macraigor's
support :

"We bought the Flash tool for the NETARM50 (ARM7 core, used in big
endianmode).The tools did not work. After 4 months of e-mailing (with the
distributor where we bought the tool) I gave up. They kept repeating that
work was under way, that McGraigor was just getting hold of a NET+ARM kit,
etc. No solution came up. I pointed to the fact that most ARM drivers had a
big and a little endian HEX file used in the download - the NETARM setup
only had a a little endian. OK, thanks, we'll work on it... no solution, no
further replies."


Re: ARM JTAG debug tool
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The Chameleon Pod is from  I got one of these a
few weeks ago and it has been working as a Raven replacement for me.
I have used it successfully with Green Hills Multi and with the demo
version of Macraiger's GUI Flash programmer.  The Chameleon only
cost a little more than a Wiggler -- It was much less expensive than the
Raven.  When the Chameleon is emulating the Raven it can communicate
as fast as the Raven (much faster than the Wiggler).

We started with a Wiggler a long time ago.  It was slow and less reliable
than I would have liked (sometimes the downloads would fail).  We stepped
up to Ravens and bought several.  They are much faster and more reliable
than the Wiggler.  But we've had one Raven fail over time and another is
acting up.

Support from Macraigor has been hit and miss.  On some problems they
have been very helpful but on other problems they have ignored us.

If I needed another JTAG interface now I would get another Chameleon.

 -- Kevin

Re: ARM JTAG debug tool
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As long as you are doing your debugging under Cygwin, I recommend the
Macraigor Wiggler. AFAIK it is the cheapest OTS JTAG pod. Of course it
is a very simple circuit and you could build your own easily.

Re: ARM JTAG debug tool

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The Wiggler works with the Green Hills tools, as well. I got mine from
Green Hills with their demo tools for the Atmel ARM kit. Of course, if
you can afford the Green Hills tools you can probably afford something
better than the Wiggler. 8-)


Re: ARM JTAG debug tool
Anyone or any site has the schematics for wiggler? Maybe I should try
to build my own.  Also, what software should wiggler goes with?

Re: ARM JTAG debug tool

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There is an arm 9 jtag project on sourceforge

Re: ARM JTAG debug tool (Jack) wrote in message
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Check out Antti Lukats' "One Dollar Dongle" in-progress book at /. There are VHDL equations for the
Wiggler, among other things. There are also schematics at
and some good information at /.

MacGraigor GNU software is at .


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