powerpc jtag/cop


Why powerpc debug tools are so expensive?

Does anybody know low-cost USB powerpc jtag/cop ?

Amontec website mentions about USB version of Chameleon POD but no informayion for now.

Macraigor cheapest usb hardware is $225 + they sell their flash programming software for $500.

Any chance to find some open hardware-software combination?


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All PPC development hardware is expensive, because the volumes are low. Eval boards are expensive too.

Don't expect to find a cheap USB solution, or a homebrew one. It is however easy enough to build a Wiggler clone. The standard parallel port wiggler is a multi-ended device (look inside an original Macraigor wiggler...) and can support the PPC debug port.

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Not because the volumes are low. All PPC debug registers are JTAG accessible, the real price of a JTAG cable is negligible.

The reason why the tools are expensive is the fact that Freescale keep the interface secret - and award the "busyness" of making tools to someone they - and not the market - choose to. However, the PPC parts can be debugged without using the secret debug areas. I manage to do that without missing those secret areas at all, boundary scan and PPC alone are quite sufficient. Frankly, I don't think having their secret data (they call it a "COP" interface not to be confused with the COP timer on other systems) would bring me much benefit, I am fine as things are.

To the OP: I have made a debug monitor for the MPC5200 public (free for development purposes), you can locate it under "downloads" on our website.


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If you have a chance listen to this

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It is all about wiki cooperation, maybe the JTAG syndrome will be broken


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Martin Griffith

I have seen parallel port wiggler schematic and openwince jtag software port to debug/program kurobox. but my computer does not have parallel port. USB2parallel port emulators does not work for such devices (par port i/ o) pcmcia or expresscard parallel ports may work, i havent tried. I believe pcmcia ones are *real* parallel ports.

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