Recommendations for ISP Programmer for PIC12F675

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We've been using JDM-type serial programmers (built in-house) along
with ic-prog to program the PIC12F675 in one of our projects.  This
hasn't ben the best solution for us because it doesn't work on all our
PCs, probably because of the differences in the serial line drivers.
We are looking for a more reliable solution.  

So far, I've found the ICSP module for the Pro-Mate II, The BK
Precision 844a (which is a relabeled Elnec SmartProg), and the
BasicMicro ISP-Pro.  Has anybody who has used any of these got any
comments about them?

Elnec also makes the PIKProg+, but BK apparently doesn't sell that
one.  Has anyone used that one?  Is there somewhere I can get this in
the U.S.?


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Re: Recommendations for ISP Programmer for PIC12F675

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What about the warp13a from new found ?

I've used it for isp with other pics, not the 12f675 though.

Alex Gibson

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