Where to get Radio Shack manuals and schematics (2023 Update)

When Radio Shack was still in business, we could get manuals for all their products. Now that they are out of business, I cant find anything. Lots of bogus sites that claim they have it, and after asking for captchas (I hate those f**king things), they offer something I never wanted, or try to sell me a printed copy. (The should be free because R.S. had them for free).

I wish I had known that R.S. was gonna remove their online manuals, and I would have downloaded all of them.

Anyhow, does anyone know of a VALID site that has R.S. manuals?

I just bought a Realistic 31-2009 Stereo Equalizer. Very nice pieces of gear! I'm actually quite impressed by it. It's not needing repair, but I try to download manuals and schematics for everything I own. This is the one I am looking for now.

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- it's free but has a download limit for non-registered users. You have to pass an online test to register. There's also
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You'll probably have to dig through a list of similar documents.

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There are some here.

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Yup, looks like nobody has it. Is it a ten band, five band or what ? Does it use OP AP filters or coils ?

Knowing that you might find a similar enough model. They don't reinvent the wheel all the time. Other models could be identical except for some tertiary features or functions.

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The Realistic 31-2009 is a 12 band 2 channel equalizer with expander. I'm looking for a schematic or service manual too.

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