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Can't be worse than Microsoft Frontpage.

> >Dear God, I can't imagine how many times I've gone to websites, and every >so often I find one that downloads slowly (like, a couple of seconds). >It's not the connection speed, oh no, I get properties on this small (a few >pages long) HTML and it's 100kB! Guess what the source says? Frontpage. >Guess why it's so bulky? STYLE="blah; blah; blah" inside *each* and *every* >element. Table elements. Paragraphs. Divs. Individual lines. >Everything, everywhere. > >Blech. > >Now you know why I use Notepad! >

Tried Crimson Editor?


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John Larkin
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I've used it as a programming editor for years. For the price, couldn't be without it. ;-)

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