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I'm making a circuit that uses part of an older design. I'd like to b able to keep the layout exactly the way it was on the old board.

I have a PADS 2005 ASCII file of the old board and Orcad Capture files o both the old circuit and my new design. I'd like to import it to PC editor. How should I go about importing all of this? Will I be able t make netlist changes in capture and have them work in PCB editor?

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One of the better posts I've seen on this:

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The last time I tried, OrCAD PCB had a hard time with newer PADS ASCII files.

One can import it into PADS, and re-export it as an older version. Or a PERL script could be written that strips out the features of the newer format that are not supported in the older format (mostly related to mixed plane layers if I recall correctly) and rewrites it in the older format.


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