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Peter Bennett wrote:

>> >> >>> Anyone know where I can get connectors like these? >>> >>> Again, 2mm pitch to insert stripped ribbon cable. >> >> I can't imagine any connector that would directly handle stripped >> ribbon cable, as the individual conductors are very fine stranded wire >> - if you were able to strip the wires, there would be much too much >> chance of the conductors shorting to make such a connector practical. >> The only connectors I've seen for ribbon cable are IDC types - the >> unstripped, and unseparated, ribbon cable is pressed onto forked >> contacts in the connector, which penetrate the cable insulation to >> contact the wires. >> >> I suspect that the connector you have is designed for use with a >> flexible printed circuit cable, such as used to make connections to a >> printer print head.. >> >> >..and THAT is exactly what i mentioned and attempted to find, and cited >possible matches.

No, there really are connectors that are designed to handle stripped ribbon cable or other wire terminations vice a "flat on flex" terminal. This

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datasheet from Molex shows how they expect the ribbon cable to be prepared. Quite different from a FFC/FPC receptacle.

Molex does have one that does not require holes for side support posts and that does have a compression latch, which could be a functional substitute for the OP's requirement.

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