Re: About that Monster claim for IP on their connectors.

At one time they did make reasonable products. Now they make pure

> garbage at an obscene price.

They might have been decent quality at one point, but their advertsements were always full of way too much hyperbole and misdirection... nor were their prices ever that great.

I suppose the one good thing they did was to make consumers aware that things like speaker wire gauge matter, even if they went so far overboard that people now think 6ga. wire is needed for a 100W car audio system...

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Joel Koltner
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"People" that put huge car stereos in their cars are about an order of magnitude higher in power than 100 Watts.

Even then, a six foot run from the amp to the driver is so short that the milliohms difference would be not much more than completely negligible.

I might argue that silver plated wire might be a bit better, and that a hand made custom braided "Litz" style cable made from SPC teflon insulated wire segments would be even better. There would be significantly more silver, and at the skin, where it matters.

Even then, the detectable difference would still arguably be nil. Still seems more appropriate than a parallel pair of 26 ga cheapo "speaker cord".

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