Low cost ferrite


As always, I am looking for saving cost (who isn't)

I'm doing a new power design, and looking for cheap ferrite. Run of the mill, N87, PC95 etc, nothing fancy. In this case it's a planar design, but it really doesn't matter

I would normally use Epcos/Ferroxcube, Magnetics, Fair-rite. Well reputed suppliers, but with a margin

There is cheaper alternatives, just flinging names: Hua Jung, DMEGC, Fuantronics, NCD, Acme, Cosmo

Anybody been down this road, found a cheap, reliable source?



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Klaus Kragelund
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Isn't the answer 3C90 in the past and 3C94 now?

I would say that 3C95 is a high-performance material, hence counts as fancy. But it depends on your reference frame, for some people 8C11 wouldn't be too fancy.

There is plenty of cheap PC40 on AliExpress. Ferritish to the point of being boring. It works. Nothing to see here, move along.

Best regards, Piotr

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Piotr Wyderski

You want cheap, you're better off going with the flow.

Use commodity core shapes and get the thing made off-shore. Give the vendor multiple core material options, including Cosmo, Acme,Samwha,YTE and the usual western brands of roughly equivalent grade - it doesn't have to be a lousy one.

Quote insulation by UL category and class, not by mfr name. Wire by NEMA/IEC standard and temperature index, to match your insulation system.

I've had parts quoted for pennies, assembled, probably just because the material requirements could be met by stock on-hand.

Small vendors in the 'west' don't stand a chance in the costing game.


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