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i'm looking to build a little black box. i need cheap storage of an odd 40gig or thereabouts, and it looks like 3.5" ide ATA drives hit that mark at about 30 bucks. i need some CF, so that'll be another 20 bucks. i need a cpu (x86 or whatever), a couple of usb ports, some memory around 32megs, power supply, connectors for the drives, and cables to hook everything up, and a chassis. i figure this the whole kit and kaboodle ought to be under 300 bucks to buy. i'm looking around and seeing stuff that's close but a bit overkill, having stuff like a high power video/audio chip and all that isn't what i'm looking for. so my question is whether anyone has seen anything close to this around? any pointers to check out? mail me at osedax snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com if you've got the keys.

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I'm not exactly sure what you're looking for, I don't really know what your size constraints are, but you sound like as if all you want to do is make a computer. I've seen mATX motherboards for considerably less than $100AUD. I don't know if you'd find anything new, but I've seen P2 MoBo with CPU and memory on ebay for under $100. If the MoBo does not come with USB just plug in a card.

Sorry if my info is not too helpful.

Wing Wong.
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Alf Beta

Sure, here, let me just put on my thinking cap and I should be able to whip up something that will "fit your bill". Can you give me until the end of today? Would an MTBF of 1,000,000 hours be sufficient for your requirements? If we can reach an agreement on the design today, I'll be able to reconfigure my assembly line of Chinese prison laborers tonight so that they can start production tomorrow?

i'm looking

Damn, you shouldn't be expected to pay for stuff you don't need right! I mean, why can't you buy the equipment that exactly matches your specifications for under $300 on the open market today, right now? Not a problem my man, we'll have that cheap black box, order quantity of 1 whole unit, in your mailbox by Thursday morning. Along with the unit, you'll receive a five year parts and on-site labor warranty. If any problems occur during this period, we'll either fix the unit or replace it with a newer model!!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Alex Dingleberry, Chief Design Engineer FLE, Incorporated

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Sam Storm van Leeuwen

It does not make sense to have both HD and CF on an embedded box. If you really need the storage, go with HD. If you want low power, go with CF. We can provide a 64M CF + adaptor for $20.

Perhap if you tell us what you are trying to make, then we can give better suggestions.

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In my case, I need to CF to store my software, and the HD to store my data. Can you let me know more about your solution?


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Osedax Latin

I'm sorry if I somehow offended you in my posting. It was not my intention. If you let me know what annoyed you so much, my email is osedax snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com, then I'll be happy to avoid repeating such an error in future. Thanks.

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No, I wasn't offended. Just joking around. Don't stop posting, good luck on getting your $300 black box! I don't really have a factory full of Chinese prison laborers, but many times I feel that I work in such a factory!

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