Looking for low-cost protoboards.

Hi, I was looking for some low-cost FGPA board for a home project. What I need it to have is

-USB 2.0

-Analog output/input (either)

-optionally several switches, leds, maybe display, but not necessary if has nice software control

-possibly pins to access FPGA ports directly, like a 40 or 50 pin connector

What I've found so far is

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- nice looking small board for under $200, which does not have analog ports. Thank you in advance

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Hi, protel demo board ?

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What is your board going to do? We have a new DSP (SHARC ADSP-2126x) and Altera Cyclone module and board coming out very soon. It is designed for embedded applications. Details will be on our web site in the next few weeks.

Al Clark
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Al Clark

this one looks like what I've been looking for a while (a bigger FPGA would be better but what can i do ? ;o) However, anyone knows whats the status of the USBhigh-speed drivers for Linux ? XEM3001's apparently using Cypress CY68013 FX2 - is it supported under Linux ?


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Lukasz Salwinski

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make nice Xilinx boards and peripherals for very low cost.

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That would depend on how you program it. Class drivers for all the major types of devices exist, so if you program the FX2 to look like a serial port, or a hard drive, and you properly set the class ID in [r]enumeration, it'll just work.

If you program it differently, there's libusb which allows you to write "drivers" in user space, built into your app. libusb lets you fiddle with the low-level USB communications straight from your app, elimininating the need for a kernel-mode driver, but restricting operation to your application (or library, if you write your "driver" as one).

I haven't played with the FX2 personally yet, my devel board hasn't arrived from Bulgaria(!)

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yet, probably next week. I've done a fair bit of research in advance of getting it though (and I've written Linux kernel drivers before)... ;-)

The interesting thing about the FX2 in conjunction with an FPGA is its AUTO mode, which is used by

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the project that alerted me to the ELRAsoft board. His firmware literally consists of setting up a bunch of registers, then executing an inifinite loop flashing an LED. The FX2's FIFO handles everything else, clocked from the external device.

TTYL, Omega aka Erik Walthinsen

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Erik Walthinsen


An alpha release of the Linux API and drivers (they rely on libusb

has been released for Fedora Core 3 and SuSE 9.2, though they shoul work on distributions with similar gcc / library setups

The release includes the C++, Python, and Java APIs


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