Some question on Orcad PCB editor (from an Orcad layout user)

Hi all , for first, if someone have used Orcad Layout too there is a significant improvement in upgrading to PCB editor ?

On PCB Editor:

- In Layout The spacing violation control (Design Rule Check)signal like errors the simple hole too and i don't know how exclude the holes from DRC , in PCB Editor the situation is better then layout ?

- Spacing from Nets : can i set (for a single net) a minimum spacing from a group of nets and another spacing from a different grouping nets ?

- Mills or notches : in Layout i need to make some notches on the PCB for isolation , in layout the only way is a lot of consecutive holes (for now i don't know a better way...and this create the problem with DRC ) , what is the way to describe a mill/notch in PCB Editor ??

And for last, Allegro PCB Designer is the same or there is difference ?

Thanks in advance.


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If its coming up with errors then dont ignore it !

If the hole is too close to something then it needs fixing.

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