How to create the Death Star with CAD ? ? ?

I'm the new apprentice of the Empire and he told me to build a new Death Star for the Empire.

I need to design it first and this time, it must be rebel-proof.

What do I need ?

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Tristan Beeline
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Qcad and LTSpice both run Linux.

If you use a fast processor, there is no reason why the Laser blaster targeting system couldn't properly track the rebel ships. Mathcad would be good for running tests on your design equations.

You should also leave out the rows of flashing lights and not make your electrical panels out of fireworks. Check out the UL rules for deathstar design.

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Ken Smith

Easy method is to search the net for a model of the IBM Death Star aka deskstar harddrive and use that as a outline

LOL.. :) JJ

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