How do I convert cadstar pcb design files to orcad or anything else but cadstar?

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Buy Pulsonix.

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*-*-*-*-*-*-limitations-of-*-compatibility+qq-qq+Pulsonix.imports (Scroll down to Brad Velander's post to get the truth.)

More from Brad on this topic: (aka **No magical tool**)

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Pulsonix was more or less (as far as I can tell) founded by former CadStar employees, so I would tend to imagine it has the best CadStar import of any of the packages out there, since the Pulsonix guys would conceivably have more information about the internal design formats and what-not than most companies.

Not that I've ever actually imported a CadStar schematic into Pulsonix, mind you (only ORCAD schematic, and those turn out pretty darned good if not perfect)... or even used CadStar for more than about 15 minutes in my life...


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Joel Koltner

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