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Hi, Well first that I saw this newsgroup I thought well it should be about electronics CAD and EDAs but after I read the messages, I couldn't find many related posts. I'm working with Altium Designer for more than

5 years though I know there is a company supported forum for it but I prefer something that I can read using my newsreader along other newsgroups that I'm interested. anyway if you know a newsgroup about the subject please tell me. meanwhile I have created an IRC channel about it on freenode, ##AltiumDesinger.


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Puresine, There is really no other groups outside of the Altium forum. It is a very good forum with good user participation and Altium does not control it with anything but the softest gloves. Previously there were two others, one was privately run by a user (hacked and abandoned several years ago) the other was a Yahoo forum (it gets a post or two every couple months).

Brad Velander.
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