What's happening to Jaycarand Harvey Norman?

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I've seen posts here refer to the movement of DSE away from electronics
components and stuff to consumer goods, and the vast lowering of staff
standards (eg recently I went to buy an LCD TV in the Warringah Mall store,
only to find that the salesman knew nothing about those *either*... so I
bought elsewhere...)

I see Jaycar is also going. Only in their case they are increasingly
advertising gadgets like 'farting ash tray', bosses you can strangle, lung
ash tray and the like which have nothing to do with electronics. If you open
that mostly excellent magazine Silicon Chip, invariably on the inside front
cover you will find Jaycar advertising junk like this, which IMO denigrates
from the electronics tone of the magazine. Just my opinion. Do others share

And another beef: For years I bought all my computer needs from HN at
Balgowlah, and that's quite a few thousand dollars. Then  I wanted a spare
battery for my Toshiba laptop that I'd bought there.  I received completely
unhelpful and disinterested service from *two* salesmen, and as a result I
no longer buy my computers there.  A little assistance with a small item
would have maintained customer loyalty, but no...

Re: What's happening to Jaycarand Harvey Norman?
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I don't see why people keep talking about the "demise" of DSE. DSE
stopped being a "proper" electronics store and moved into retail at
least 15 years ago!

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There have been recent threads on this. Jaycar are *not* going the same
way. Take a look at page 9 of the new catalog for Jaycars explanation
on why. They have to sell the gadgets to pay the rent, and if that
keeps them afloat then so be it.
They now stock *more* electronics parts than they ever have, surely no
one can complain about that?

Do the gadget ads degrade the magazine? Maybe just a tad, but it's just
an ad, no big deal. Ads pay the bills for SC and keep the magazine

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Why on earth would you buy a computer from Hardly Normal? They are only
for your average joe who knows nothing about computers or anything else

Get the spare battery from eBay, you'll pay 1/10th the price.

Dave :)

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