Triac Snubber shows is has voltage in OFF state!

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Hi ,
I have designed and made a triac switch , to turn ON and OFF a 3-speed
AC motor that works with 220VAC.
with tree triac series an all the triacs have a snubber (R-C) circuit.

the problem is when the circuit is in OFF state , the triac outputs
shows that it has 220V voltage(with a Phase Meter screwdriver) .
but when i check with a multimeter it doesnt show any voltage. i know
that it doesnt have a real voltage but i dont know what is the problem?

Re: Triac Snubber shows is has voltage in OFF state!

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Mebbe ya just might not HAVE a problem !!
The 'Phase pencils' are not for serious measurement and are not a device to
have faith in either :-)
Rely on your meter, the 'pencil' will fire up on capacitive coupling at the
drop of a hat.

Regards ......... Rheilly Phoull

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