Tom is gone.

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Today I was reading a Silicon Chip magazine and I pondered about Tom
Moffat and what he was up to lately, since he always wrote fascinating
articles for the various magazines. Anyway, by pure coincidence I was
reading the WIA news on the radio newsgroups and I discovered that Tom
passed away on the 2nd of August.
I take my hat of to you Tom, you will be missed.


 From the WIA news.


  The following tribute for Tom Moffat is from Brian VK7RR via VK7News

  Tom was born in the United States of America. His father had contact
  with Australia as he was involved with the design of the navigation
  equipment for the Jindivik program in the 50's so it is  no wonder
  that Tom ended up out here. Tom obtained electronic qualifications
  with the Bell Telephone Company for whom he worked until the
  wanderlust hit him.

  Tom passed away August 2 2007

  He initially worked in Victoria, as Chief of Staff for GTV-9, moving
  to Tasmania with his wife Gael, in the early 70's, whereupon he
  became the Motorola sales and service agent for Tasmania.

  Tom was involved with the first amateur television broadcast of the
  news, the first mobile television broadcast in the southern
  hemisphere, amateur or commercial and of course, the first VK7RHT.

  Tom soon became one of the best known names in Australian amateur
  circles through his monthly columns in various magazines, an interest
  which became an occupation over the past ten years or so. Who will
  forget Moffat's Madhouse and his monocle? Tom's optometrist made it
  for him as he refused to wear reading glasses.

  Tom was a highly intelligent person who had an instinct for new
  technologies and took to computers like a duck to water. I wonder how
  many people built his weather satellite decoder over the years? He
  sold them in kit form and many yachties and amateurs were soon
  checking their own weather, long before sound cards and DSP, hit the

  He also built an experimental robot known as the Tasman Turtle as I
  remember it.

  Tom died peacefully on Tuesday evening, leaving Gael, his former
  wife, who continued to care for him as much as he would let her, two
  daughters, Jenny and Fiona, a son Steven and three grandchildren.

  Farewell old friend.

Re: Tom is gone.

Damn. I enjoyed his articles in SC - both the content and spirit with which
he wrote.

Seeya Tom.

Dorfus Dippintush wrote:
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Re: Tom is gone.

Vale Tom.

On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 20:34:42 +0800, Dorfus Dippintush

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Re: Tom is gone.

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Fine articles.
Great projects.
The passing of another electronics enthusiast from the good "old school"
style where we got to read how it worked.
Sincerely saddening to hear of Tom's passing.
I'm sure he will be missed by all who knew him, read his articles or built
one of his projects.



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