Speedy is as Speedy Says

I ordered a couple of semis from Speedy Spares in Melbourne, by phone, at
3:35 PM yesterday.
The bag containing them was in my hands at 8:05 AM, in Sydney.
Delivered by Auswide.
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
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So, have you heard of aeroplanes?
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** I repair only toasters !*&^%$#!
........... Phil
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Phil Allison
"PT" "Phil Allison"
** Freight planes have been flying between Melbourne and Sydney since the era of the DC3.
I have been ordering parts from Melbourne since about 1975 - sometimes delivered by mail and other times by courier.
Placing a small order late one day and receiving it first thing next morning for a mere $8 fee is impressive.
......... Phil
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Phil Allison
But you are so easily impressed, eh, Toaster-boy?
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Yes, but there is a faction of school kids who think (and some of their teachers are convinced) they are "airplanes". Such barstardisation of the English language. :( Does this mean we will eventually see "Aeroplane Jelly" repackaged as "Airplane Jelly" ?
Cheers, Alan
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Alan Rutlidge
Now there is an idea - such bastardisation of the human species = Phil Allison of ill-repute, the toaster-boy from Summer Hill.
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Phillip Allison
"Phillip Allison" wrote
Melbourne, by phone, at
(and some of their
barstardisation of the
repackaged as
species =
Shame Miss. Allison never believed those condom adds either.
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