Re: Couple of nfilter Questions

(1) Win hasn't posted in a while. What is his posting name from

>google groups?

He uses a couple: "Winfield Hill " and "Winfield " Replace the percent by an at-sign; I'm sure those addresses have been 'harvested' already but no sense in posting them in the clear, just on GP.

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Most of the harvesters pull from the headers only, and do not search through the body of a post.

Regardless, Win already knows any addresses he posts will get hit, just like anybody with any brains does.

The reason the ThompsonTard hasn't seen his posts is because he blanket filtered yahoo.

Then again, maybe the HillTard hasn't posted lately. Maybe he is feeling bad about being a GoogleTard all this time. So now, he has to hunt up a new news source/outlet, which all GoogleTards that want to be considered legitimate should do.

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