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Re: Plimer and Silicon Chip

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**Not once, not EVER have you supplied any shred of evidence to support
these recent claims of yours:

"much as your rants on firearms of a few years ago."

" More recent and more detailed study shows that CO2
always lags temperature."

"There are more than 500 cites in the first third of Plimer's book."

"Are you the Trevor Wilson who used to post loony ideas about gun control?

If so have you switched your loony tunes?"

Supply your cites or retract your claims. You have failed, despite repeated
requests, to supply any evidence to support your nonsense.

 by bureaucrats and academics
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**As opposed to liars like Lindzen (paid more than US$2,500.00/day by fossil
fuel intests) and Plimer (who has worked for many mining companies over the
years)? Bollocks. Find me ONE CSIRO scientist who is paid more than
$2,500.00/day for research into AGW. Just ONE scientist. Bet you cannot. The
fossil fuel industry is huge and very wealthy. They can afford to corrupt
scientists like Lindzen and Plimer to write lies in place of real science.

  If and when the scam collapses there
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**Scam? Place you science here:


Given your inability to supply anything remotely approaching fact, I won't
hold my breath.

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Re: Plimer and Silicon Chip

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I don't have an opinion either way, but where is the ice cap creeping
down? I was under the impression, given by photographic evidence, that
glaciers are receding.

Additionally, I don't think they call it global warming, but climate
change, depending on what the ocean currents do.

Re: Plimer and Silicon Chip

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Climate change is the normal state of the climate on this planet; i.e.
the only constant is change. It is just the time factor seems slow to

Global warming is more correctly the amount of energy flowing around the
planet. More energy pumping through the climate means greater chance of a
climate extreme and more weather extremes on the way.*

The ice will creep down on Europe again if the gulf stream flips/stops.

* A shor term analogy might be the economy; when the money flowing picks
up and gets real wild, market distortions happen, then something breka
ands a crash happens, the money disappears from circulation and the
economy slows down, to gradually build up again.

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