Late model surround sound receiver

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I installed a midrange, late model receiver into a client's system
yesterday. Along with all the usual features (up conversion of all video
sources to HDMI, zone 2 capability, 7.1 speakers, preamp outs and other
stuff) I noted a microphone in the box. Now, I've installed a few with mics
before and they save a little time, but this thing was something else
entirely. It was a relatively inexpensive (AUS$2,000.00) Denon AVR-2310
reciever. I place the mic on the chair and proceeded to run the calibration.
First thing I noticed was the test tone. It was not the usual white noise or
plain old buzzing. It was a very short tone sweep. Around 1 second duration.
I thought no more about it, until I realised that the amp have managed to
perform the following functions completely automatically:

* Identified the phase of all speakers.
* Worked out the distance of each speaker (7 + sub) to the mic (to within
* Identified whether the speakers were 'large' or 'small'.
* Adjusted crossover points for each speaker.
* Adjusted speaker levels.
* Adjusted delays for each speaker.
* Equalised each speaker (only 9 band though).

Nifty technology for not too much money. Colour me impressed.

Trevor Wilson

Re: Late model surround sound receiver

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For once I have to agree - this is impressive.

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