Philips 32PW6516 - Prob. changing ch./vol.

Greetings group.
Philips ctv model 32PW6516/75R.
This problem is very random.
Sometimes the ctv will not respond to the remote control, but it will
still respond to the vol. and ch. switches on the ctv.
At other times, the switches on the ctv will not change the vol. or ch.
I have just ordered a schematic.
Has anyone seen this problem before?
Russell Griffiths
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On 15 Sep 2005 06:52:53 -0700, "" put finger to keyboard and composed:
I've seen leaky signal diodes (eg 1N4148) around the key matrix cause such a problem. On one occasion the problem was caused by water damage in that area. Could also be a stuck switch or key.
Are you sure the remote is facing away from the TV when you do this?
-- Franc Zabkar
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Franc Zabkar
Thanks for the reply Frank. Yes Frank, I am sure the remote is not causing the problem.
I have tried disconnecting the IR receiver in the ctv, and the switches on the set still sometimes fail to change the vol./ch.
Thanks, Russell.
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