Looking for pot push-pull switch

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I'm looking for local source of a 470k or 500k log pot with a push-pull
switch, DPDT or DPST. Farknell or RS no good so far, or Rockby.

Re: Looking for pot push-pull switch

"Geoff C"
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** This for a valve gittar amp -  a Mesa Boogie or Fender ?

  Is so, it is a spare part  -  so see the importers.

.............  Phil

Re: Looking for pot push-pull switch

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Don't you mean "guitar" amp, Phil?

Re: Looking for pot push-pull switch

WARNING:  To all aus.electronics readers

Alan Kendall Rutlidge of 15 Ruth Street Northbridge, WA  (aka The Arse
Bandit Fuckwit ) is a congenital, scumbag liar.

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No lie whatever is beneath or beyond him.

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There is no-one he will not try to deceive.

Such an individual is an evil public menace.

.........    Phil

Re: Phil, you really are a sad case....

Oh deary me, naughty little Philip Martin Allison is at it again. :(   Isn't
the world just a tad bored shitless with your continued reposting of this
same rubbish time after time after time in just about every newsgroup?

It's about time you got a life outside of UseNet and stop proving to the
world you are just a pathetic autistic toaster tech with zero social skills?

So by your own admission and posting this drivel you are saying I must be
lying about the spelling of "guitar" by correcting your version in Phil's
New World Dictionary of "gitter"?

Requoting what I said because Toaster Boy conveniently removes what is
written to distort the truth.
"Don't you mean "guitar" amp, Phil?"

Didn't they teach you how to spell at that Catholic Boy's school?  Obviously
they didn't teach you anything about good manners or any social skills
either.  :(  Mind you, one can't blame the schools for everything.  Perhaps
your parents should have put in a better effort and raised a son with a bit
more respect (not only for others, but a bit for himself too).  Clearly
someone like you who has nothing better to do than post one lie after
another has no self respect.  All you are doing is reinforcing peoples'
disdain for you.

You need to take a reality check boy and grow up.  Try acting your age and
not your penis size for a change.  :P

## For the benefit of other readers, this reply is top posted specifically
to annoy Phil.  ##.

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